Ethanol free gasoline

The Renewable Fuel Standard has mandated that gasoline retailers sell increasing amounts of ethanol in motor fuel. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea, including that it does not accomplish its intended purpose (reducing carbon emissions). Poorer fuel mileage and engine damage with gasahol has caused a demand for pure gasoline. You can find a station near you selling gasoline without alcohol here. In Louisiana, these stations reportedly sell ethanol-free gasoline. The price may be a little higher, and in many cases only higher octane fuels are sold ethanol free.


Icebreaker stuck in Antarctic ice

A ship carrying a global warming research team to Antarctica has been stuck in ice since Christmas Day, and now the icebreaker sent to rescue the research ship is also stuck in the ice. When the ship became trapped in ice earlier this week, it was only 2 miles from the open sea. But now the ice block has expanded and the ship is more than 13 miles from the navigable waters.

More icebreakers are en route to free the icebound ship, which has adequate food and water. It will be interesting to see if the scientific team finds evidence of global warming while they are there.


Mountain beauty

I have visited some beautiful places in the United States, and I would be quite happy to see Yellowstone every summer. But for sheer beauty, you can’t beat Rocky Mountain National Park. The Park boasts 77 peaks over 12,000 feet, with large stretches of alpine tundra. Forests, lakes, streams, and wildlife await your camera. High elevation campgrounds are available, or the neat little town of Estes Park is near the main entrance, if you aren’t the camping type.