A doctor’s declaration of independence

It’s time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.

I don’t know about other physicians but I am tired—tired of the mandates, tired of outside interference, tired of anything that unnecessarily interferes with the way I practice medicine. No other profession would put up with this kind of scrutiny and coercion from outside forces. The legal profession would not. The labor unions would not. We as physicians continue to plod along and take care of our patients while those on the outside continue to intrude and interfere with the practice of medicine.

Now is the time for physicians to say enough is enough.


End of the Line

The Traveling Wilburys was a band formed by George Harrison, with Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne–an all-star ensemble by any reckoning. This recording was done with Orbison, but the video was made after his death. I think they handled that quite well.


Another neat way to charge your phone…

for campers, preppers, and when the power goes out.

You’re sitting around the glow of the campfire, looking all rugged and outdoorsy, but when you pull out your phone for a selfie … disaster! Dead battery.

You need the Power Pot. It charges your phone using thermoelectricity magic while you simultaneously heat up a pot of food to charge your tummy.

If you can build a fire (or, better yet, fire up a camp stove) you are well on your way to a no-outlet-necessary phone reboot.

Don’t miss photos ops of morning tent hairstyles or bears creepin’ on your turf.

Plus, the Power Pot is so light you’ll barely notice it on the hike.

Bonus: should bigfoot attack, the Power Pot will give you the charge to tweet pics and a bowl of soup to befriend him.


Prayers needed for the folks in Kansas and Arkansas

Tornadoes kill at least 18 as storms pummel Plains, Midwest, and South

At least 18 people were killed Sunday by three separate tornadoes spawned by a powerful storm system that moved through the central and southern United States.

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management confirmed early Monday that at least sixteen people died in Little Rock, Ark., when a twister carved an 80-mile path of destruction through suburbs north of the state capital.

An Oklahoma county sheriff’s dispatcher reported that one person had died in the town of Quapaw, near the state’s borders with Kansas and Missouri. Fox News has also confirmed that another person died when a tornado hit Keokuk County, Iowa.