What I learned today

The lecture was on staying well while traveling in third world countries, and what to do if one does get sick while traveling. There was discussion on malaria prophylaxis and avoiding mosquitoes, travelers diarrhea avoidance and treatment, HIV and other blood borne pathogens, immunizations one should get before travelling, and the meds and equipment one should bring along. After an hour long lecture,complete with slides of the terrible illnesses that may befall one while overseas, the speaker summed it up with one slide that said this:

Don’t get bit

Don’t eat s**t

Don’t do it

Bring your kit

Avoiding these fellows was in a different lecture…


Butter in coffee?

So People Are Putting Butter In Their Coffee Now

I am always learning something new from Ace at AOSHQ.

It’s surprisingly… good. It actually tastes a lot like cream (which is understandable, as it’s basically the same thing), except there is film of butter at the top of the coffee, which gives it a slippery sort of feel.

But it’s not slimy or anything. Just a little different in the texture of the aftertaste.

I may have to try this. It could be a back-up for when I forget to buy cream.


More Santa Fe photos

There are a lot of churches in this town…no surprise, since Santa Fe was founded by missionaries.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi


Loretto Chapel


San Miguel mission, the oldest church building in the United States, built in 1610.


And, here is that crick they call the Santa Fe River.


Interesting music

I saw a street musician near the Plaza today, playing an instrument I had never seen before (yeah, I don’t get out much). I was intrigued by the music coming from this flying saucer the guy held in his lap. It turns out the instrument is called a hang, pronounced hahng (Bernese German for hand). The sound is rather haunting and Eastern, with kind of a dope-smoking air to it.

The physics of the sound production is interesting as well, if you are into that sort of thing.


Well, judge for yourself. This video is of a couple of guys who play together as Hang Massive.

Photos from Santa Fe

A photo dump from today. The weather is beautiful, warm but not hot,and always a breeze blowing. Thanks to thunderstorms last week, the Santa Fe River has water running in it; we wouldn’t call it a river at home, though, as Topey and Antoine creeks both have more water. This stream my granddaddy would probably call a “branch”. There are several museums, dozens of high end art galleries, a wide variety of restaurants, as well as tourist-y places. I am thoroughly enjoying both the conference and this unique town.

They have a beautiful Scottish Rite Temple here in Santa Fe. I was disappointed to see a “For Sale” sign in front of it.


The “skyline” of Santa Fe, with a thunderstorm building in the Sangre de Cristos.


Native American art market…a lot of jewelry, of course, but also some really amazing pottery.


KAW-LIGA was a wooden Indian standing by the door
He fell in love with an Indian maid over in the antique store…

IMG_20140529_155854_916 (1)

New Mexico Museum of Art

IMG_20140529_155119_835 (1)


Even the First Presbyterian Church looks authentic…although it kinda reminds me of the Taco Bell logo.


I thought I might have seen these two, but I could be mistaken…


Blogging from Santa Fe

I am here for an educational conference (Wilderness Medicine), so I am not sure how much blogging will get done. I will try to keep everyone up to date.

Downtown is very Southwestern (duh), and pretty touristy. Pretty artsy also. This is Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi…


This is the view from the hotel balcony…


Lots of chiles…