How does one cross the street in Ho Chi Min City?

I can attest, this is exactly how it’s done…Downtown HCM City traffic is a madhouse, with about a million motorcycles, and no real gaps in the flow.

It’s all about a leap of faith…


The big thing is…Don’t stop!!! From the comments at the link–Advice from a local – wait for cars and trucks to pass, walk off sidewalk, proceed at constant speed, do not rush or make sudden movements, never look at oncoming traffic, and they will go around you.

Meteor shower (storm?) tonight!

Tonight will mark the first time Earth has crossed the path of remnants of Comet209P/LINEAR, which should yield a fantastic display. The peak should be about 1-3 AM CDT, but the whole thing should last until the sun comes up.

For this brand new, never-before-seen shower, astronomers are predicting from 30 to perhaps hundreds of meteors an hour at peak. Likely, these meteors will be a plodding 12 miles per second. In contrast, Perseid meteors (August) scoot along at 25 miles per second and the Leonid meteors (November) zip through our heavens at 45 miles per second. Slow meteors mean they will look like a bright star falling.

The radiant should be to the north, out of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe), but really all you have to do is look up. It should be quite a show.