The best Crime Stoppers video I’ve seen

From St. Landry Parish, Lt. Clay Higgins.

“By tomorrow, a hundred thousand people will have watched you commit a felony. You WILL be recognized. And the people that know you don’t really like ya, anyway. So when it comes down to a choice between you and a thousand dollars — they’ll take the cash.”

Blue moon tomorrow night

A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. Every month has a full moon, but because the lunar cycle and the calendar year aren’t perfectly synched, sometimes we wind up with two in the same calendar month.

Tomorrow’s blue moon will be the first since August 28, 2012. The next blue moon will be in January 2018. So, “once in a blue moon” is about every 3 years.

Of course, it won’t actually be “blue”. A blue cast to the moon usually occurs due to dust in the atmosphere.


Converse All Stars–the Chuck Taylor re-design

I’m not sure how the original needed any improvement–this was my daily footwear until I went into private practice at 29. We were required to wear the white high-tops to play basketball in high school; afterwards I wore the low cut shoe in whatever color struck my fancy–I even had a pair in blue suede. I tried other brands but would invariably get stone bruises. This never happened in Converse shoes, and the court traction provided by All Stars was unparalleled.

Now we have the Chuck Taylor All Star II, the first re-design since the 1930s.