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21 Manly Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin, from the guys at The Art of Manliness (a site worth visiting occasionally).

There are a few here that I had not considered. My favorite is the survival kit, which you can customize to your own preferences. I recommend attaching a survival blanket to the outside with rubber bands. More on making your own survival kits at Field and Stream.

Service dog causes chaos at ‘Cats’ performance

A dog ran amok at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” this week.

Spies at the Neil Simon Theatre tell us an audience member’s service dog “got away from its owner and ran after [the character] Bombalurina, performed by actress Mackenzie Warren, during the opening number.”

Luckily, a fast-moving usher “intervened and returned the wayward canine to its mortified owner.”

No word if the dog is “jellicle.”


“I judge the civilization of any community by simple tests. What is the degree of freedom possessed by the citizen or subject? Can he think, speak and act freely under well-established, well-known laws? Can he criticize the executive government? Can he sue the State if it has infringed his rights? Are there also great processes for changing the law to meet new conditions?Judging by these standards, Great Britain and the United States can claim to be in the forefront of civilized communities.”

–Winston Churchill

Opossum breaks into liquor store, gets drunk on bourbon

But was the possum of legal drinking age?

A Florida bar owner opening up shop following the Thanksgiving holiday was met by a drunken opossum polishing off a bottle of bourbon. The sneaky critter made its way into Cash’s Liquor Store and had a festive celebration all her own.

“A worker there found the opossum up on the shelf next to a cracked open bottle of liquor with nothing in it. Assuming the opossum drank it all, he brought her to us, and we looked her over,” Michelle Pettis, a wildlife technician in the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge.

No word on the possum’s brand of choice.

Treating the New Chronic Pain Patient

By my friend, Amy Givler, MD–strategies for treating the new patient with chronic pain and taking opioids.

Around her hospital, Dr. Amy Givler is known as “The Wall” when it comes to opioid prescribing. She simply doesn’t believe they benefit the vast majority of patients who receive them, especially for chronic pain. In this post in Christian Medical and Dental Associations, she discusses why she is convinced opioids actually lower the pain threshold, as well as strategies she’s developed to help her patients.

A well-written article and a reasonable approach.

Life expectancy has dropped because of antibiotic resistance, says ONS

Antibiotic resistance has caused a fall in life expectancy for the first time, the Office for National Statistics has said.

Life expectancy in future years has been revised down after the statistics authority said that “less optimistic views” about the future had to be taken into account.

Opinions on “improvements in medical science” had declined, it said, and fears of the “re-emergence of existing diseases and increases in anti-microbial resistance” meant people would not live as long as was previously expected.