The bear cam is back

The Alaskan brown bears are back fishing the salmon run at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park. I can watch these fascinating creatures for hours. also has an “>underwater cam of the salmon in the river. There are an amazing number of fish–I want to go fishing with the bears!…-posted-thursday-anyone-watch-bearCam-last-night-At-one-point-there-were-ELEVEN-bears-fishing.-

Bear cam live!

The Brooks Falls Bear Cam in Katmai National Park is back up and running at Watch these immense brown bears take advantage of the falls as the salmon pile up at the obstruction to their migration.

I think I have this live stream working now. You must have Flash enabled to see it.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Bear Cam

Brooks Falls – Brown Bear & Salmon Cam – Bears

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska is a favorite salmon fishing spot for brown bears. During the fishing season, a live cam shows the bear activity 24/7. Due to the time difference and Alaska’s long spring and summer days, you can tune in all through the day and see several bears fishing.

I’m watching the Brooks Falls #bearcam on, streaming live from @Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska:.

UPDATE: I was mistaken; the camera isn’t live yet. They are apparently showing old video, but I still find it fascinating!