Liberals vs conservatives–why can’t we all just get along?

A big part of it may be that we have not taken the time to understand where the other side is coming from. Many an argument on the internet, or in person, may be occurring because one or both sides do not understand the thoughts and motivations of the other side.

Do you really understand what liberals or conservatives think about immigration, the minimum wage, free trade, or the budget deficit? And which side is more likely to understand the perspective of the other side?

An active study is now being conducted, by Dr. William C. Wood and Dr. Angela M. Smith from James Madison University, entitled Economic Turing Test (The title is a little disturbing, if you are aware of what is an actual Turing test). They anticipate that results of the study will shed light on whether liberals or conservatives understand the other side’s perspective.

I have some questions about how the survey questions are put together, but the study is an intriguing concept, and the results may be quite interesting.

Click on the link and participate, if you like. We may all learn something about ourselves.

Two businessmen having an argument