Coyote capture!

NYPD seems to be very proud of capturing “the” coyote recently seen running around lower Manhattan.

But I would bet that if there is one coyote on the island, there are many more that haven’t been seen. Coyotes are very adaptable creatures, and if they can find food and shelter in any environment, they will fill that niche.

Manhattan should, perhaps, welcome its new neighbors, considering the problem it seems to have with rats.


Coyote/wolf hybrids now in eastern cities

The coywolf, a hybridization of western coyotes and eastern wolves, can now be found in the suburbs, parks and greenbelts of eastern cities. The animal is intermediate in size between coyotes and wolves, and is very adaptable compared to its wolf ancestors.

This video is a little longer than most that I post here, but gives a quite interesting view of one of nature’s adaptations to changing environments.