Who is the best NFL quarterback in crunch time?

MMQB breaks it down statistically, and presents a list of the best two minute drill QBs since 2000.

The list includes the guys you probably expect, plus a few that surprised me. I mean, Vince Young? Get outta here!

So, no one should be surprised that Drew Brees is the best crunch-time quarterback. The Saints’ problem is that for several years they seem to have the worst two minute defense. It would be interesting to see the statistics on that.


Football, anyone?

Kind of a bummer for football watching this weekend–LSU had a bye, and KMSS is carrying the Vikings-Cowgirls game instead of my Saints.

I do not expect New Orleans to have much trouble with the Jets, but I would sure like to see Drew Brees, Kenny Stills & Co. hang about 6 touchdowns on that porous New York secondary.


UPDATE: Well, I didn’t expect this…how could we only score 20 points?