Just between you and me…

I came across a review of an Android and iPhone app that I thought was really neat, and just had to share. The app is called Between, and serves a Facebook-like function, but only for you and one other person.

On social networking platforms such as Facebook or Google+, you’re sharing posts with the public, friends, friends of friends, or a list or circle of friends, and you are prompted with requests and suggestions for adding friends to your space from time to time.

Frankly, those may not be the right places to go when you just need to share something with only one person, either your hubby or wife, or just the one you love most, without any others to follow two of you.

Where else if not this intimate place known as Between? This is a less noisy space than Facebook and Google+ when you need to share interests with the one you love, and not more than one.

The rest of the review is here.

Go here for the Android app.

The iPhone app is here.


How to get the most out of Android

If your iPhone or iPad experience is getting a little stale, you may be one of many who are considering the switch to Android. With the Android system, you can customize your device in ways that iOS users only dream of. And you don’t have to be a hacker/geek to do it.

This PopMech article has suggestions that only require installing apps available in Google Play Store, and then customizing to your heart’s content. I am currently using NextLauncher, chomp SMS, Rocketdialer, Swiftkey, and Dolphin browser, and I have tried several of the others. Android will give you choice, and the result will have your iOS friends green with envy.

"It lets me audible!

“It lets me audible!