When you have lost the Washington Post…

From the Post‘s Editorial Board:

IF FOOT-DRAGGING were a competitive sport, President Obama and his administration would be world champions for their performance in delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The administration’s latest decision is not responsible; it is embarrassing. The United States continues to insult its Canadian allies by holding up what should have been a routine permitting decision amid a funhouse-mirror environmental debate that got way out of hand. The president should end this national psychodrama now, bow to reason, approve the pipeline and go do something more productive for the climate.

Just build the pipeline already…


Are we going to build Keystone or not?

The State Department can’t really find any objections on an environmental basis. The greenies are focusing on the parts of the report saying how nasty tar sands oil is; that part really doesn’t matter, because Canada is going to dig it up anyway, and somebody is going to refine it and use it even if we don’t. This heavy crude is currently being shipped by rail to refineries on the Gulf coast; TransCanada could also build a pipeline to their Pacific coast and sell it to the Chinese. (Besides, if you object to tar sands crude, why are you making such a big deal about shale, horizontal drilling and fracking?)

This has gone on long enough. Environmentalists have latched on to the Keystone XL pipeline as the current eco-monster out there, and President Obama has been afraid to cross them. He is running out of excuses for blocking this economic boon to the middle of the country,though, and the time has come.

Just build the darn thing.