A Recruiting Poster

Fred Reed is curmudgeonly libertarian, anti-military, and has some decidedly non-politically correct opinions. While I often do not agree with Fred, he can have startlingly sharp insights, and the guy can write.

This article covers his experience with severe eye injuries in Viet Nam, and near-total loss of vision. His sense of humor is inspiring, and I am heartened by his faith in ophthalmologic surgeons. Well worth the read.

Now, here’s the really neat part. Eye surgery is usually done under a local anesthetic. They pump you full of Valium or Demerol or some other kind of Buddha juice. In other words, you stay conscious and awake. This is done because general anesthesia carries certain risks, such as death, and if you wake up and start vomiting enthusiastically, which can happen, you can blow the new cornea out of the eye. (Or close enough that you really don’t want to do it.) I was opposed to both of these eventualities. Still being awake while your eye is being cut open is not as fun as a Grateful Dead concert. It does, however, involve as many drugs.