Kenya update 2/18/2016

Greetings from the LSU/SHIP team in Kenya!

Our 14th mobile clinic today was at the church at Emakale; again we went far south of home, past Eshitari (which I thought was on the edge of nowhere) for several miles. The county has been “improving” the road, and crushed rock was piled in the road, taking up 2/3 of the roadway; we were forced to drive in the ditch for the last five miles or so.

Our patient mix was about the same today, with no really unusual diagnoses. We did see one lady with a blood glucose of 455; she had no idea that she might be diabetic. There were also a few patients with elevated blood pressures; all of these were referred to the hospital for evaluation and management.

Random observation–I saw a new Ford pickup in Mumia today. This was unusual, because almost all personal vehicles in Kenya are Japanese; most are Toyotas, with a few Hondas and Isuzus. All motorcycles are Chinese. All tractors are American-made, mostly Ford/New Holland with an occasional Case thrown in.

A couple of days ago, Mary asked me what I missed the most at home. Yes, I knew the correct answer to that question! Someone else (a Kenyan) asked me the same question today. Besides friends and family, I miss air conditioning, decent roads, seasoned food, and my own bed. I will probably sous vide a nice, thick ribeye on the first day I get home. I could live in Kenya, but there are many huge advantages to living in the United States. Living in a third world country for a short while certainly makes me grateful for the blessings of our country.

On to Lunao tomorrow! Only five more clinic days left. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Melissa is definitely a kid person

Melissa is definitely a kid person