On to Kenya

I packed my bags last night, pre-flight
Zero hour five pm…

After all the preparation and anticipation, LSUHSC/SHIP team members are leaving today for Bungoma, Kenya for our Global Health elective and medical mission. Traveling to Kenya with me will be Drs. Don and Amy Givler, of the EA Conway Family Medicine Department; Dr. Sajel Lala (Campout Barbie), pediatric resident; and medical students Franciscka Macieiski, Lurah Welch, Melissa Davis, Robert Zaunbrecher, Diana Badkoobeh, Brittney Mitchell, Michelle Finch, and Naiha Mussarat.

Please be in prayer for our safe travel and health, and for this extension of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to Kenya.


Prior authorization: a daily frustration

Via Fine Feathers:

One of the daily frustrations of physicians is dealing with “prior authorizations”. When I write a prescription for a medication for my patient, it generally means my patient needs that medication. In an effort to hold down costs, prescription services and Medicaid require prior authorization for some medications; they want justification for using this particular drug rather than one on their “preferred” list. This process may involve a long telephone call, printing out a form and filling it out by hand, or sometimes just submitting it via internet. In private practice, this may take up a couple of hours a day for the busy office nurse. At LSUHSC, the physician must deal with this.

At the link is the text of the full letter from a colleague to Express Scripts: