Good-bye to “The Snake”

Ken Stabler, who quarterbacked the Oakland Raiders to a win in Super Bowl XI has died at the age of 69, the Raiders confirmed Thursday. The University of Alabama passed along a statement from the family, which says Stabler died of colon cancer.

Stabler, nicknamed “The Snake,” was a four-time Pro Bowler in the NFL. He won two NCAA titles as a backup quarterback at Alabama, and led the 1966 team to an undefeated record.


A one-shot treatment for the flu

A new one injection treatment for influenza is in the works.

Peramivir, which only needs to be administered once as an intramuscular shot, could be safe and effective at alleviating most flu symptoms, including fevers, if taken within 48 hours of contracting the flu, according to Doctor Rich Whitley of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, who led the research on the new drug.

Current treatment is limited to Relenza and Tamiflu, which are taken orally for 5 days.

Peramivir is not yet approved by the FDA, but has been used in Japan and Korea since 2010. It may not be available to us this year, but this sounds like a great addition to our treatment options, when it does become available.

Of course we can always count on the old tried and true remedies…