Kenya update 2/10/2016

Habati from Western Kenya!

The LSU/SHIP team traveled south today to Musango church for our eighth mobile clinic day. The trip was about 1 1/2 hours down past the cane fields and the sugar mill.

The crowd was light today, but we continued to see kids with malaria, scabies, jiggers, and impetigo. We had some adults with interesting diagnoses: a gentleman with filariasis (elephantiasis), which I had seen only once before; another had a classic case of varicella zoster (shingles); and a 50 year old lady with a large thyroglossal duct cyst. This problem is an embryologic remnant that fails to close, and is usually picked up in childhood. Her cyst is so large because it has had a long time to accumulate the mucoid fluid that makes up the contents of the cyst. The problem can still be repaired, and we referred her to the hospital for care.

One lady came by selling sweet bananas, and another selling passion fruit, so lunch was quite tasty, and not limited to beef jerky and nuts, my usual fare.

Our pharmacy supply has not been very organized, making it difficult to know what drugs we have on hand,and what meds are getting low and need re-supply. Fran and Brittney were assigned to pharmacy today, and made short work of organizing our meds. On arrival back home, we found that Dr. Amy and Morgan Merriman had cleaned out and organized the pharmacy closet in the clinic building. Hopefully we can keep it that way.

Overall, the nice weather, the ideal location, and the light patient load made for a pleasant day.

Dinner tonight consisted of lentils, rice, kale, and chapati.

Tomorrow is the last clinic day for the students/residents doing the two week block, and for Dr. Amy Givler. We will be in Bulimbo, so come by to see us if you are in the area. If not, another update is planned for tomorrow evening.

Please keep us in your prayers. God has blessed us so far with good weather, only minor illnesses and inconveniences, and a great team to work with here in Kenya.

No photo with this post; my team members are hogging all the bandwidth!

Usiku mwema!