Do you use Chrome or Firefox? Read this

A new malware called Vega Stealer is doing rounds of the internet. Researchers claim that Vega Stealer is designed to gather saved financial data from Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The researchers from Proofpoint say that the malware is being used for small phishing attacks but it has the potential to become a threat to businesses in the future.

Vega Stealer is a variant of August Stealer and it finds and steals credentials, confidential documents, cryptocurrency wallet details and other important information. The researchers claim that the malware focuses on the theft of saved credentials and and payment information from Google Chrome.

The credentials consists of passwords, profiles, saved credit card details and cookies. On the other hand, when the Firefox browser is in use then the malware focuses on specific files which store information like keys and passwords.

Read the whole thing, but the telltale for the malware is a file called “ljoyoxu.pkzip” in your “Music” directory.

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