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From Weirddave at Ace of Spades HQ

In between MySpace and Facebook, there was LiveJournal. It’s still big outside the US, I understand, but eight years ago, just after the election of Obama, Sigma-one-seven started a journal. It purported to be written by a member of the American Resistance, writing from the year 2033, using some type of temporal technology her cell had captured from a government laboratory. The journal was kept up for about 4 years, and it was an amazingly good read about the trials and tribulations she was going through with her cell, fighting off government agencies, helping normal citizens (for example, people in rural Virginia were freezing to death due to government prohibition against burning wood-to combat “global warming”, of course-during raging blizzards that were the norm), and trying to keep the ideals of America alive. It was well written, engaging in a serial style, and the story had everything: People put in camps, genetically engineered wolves, states seceding, and lots of “history” (to her, speculative future to us. You’ll never guess who the president is, for example.). It’ll take a while to read it all, but it is very enjoyable. The story starts here. At the time it seemed far fetched.

The story stops almost exactly three years from the beginning. There is no hint to the identity of the author, unless it is really Charlene from the year 2030. I can find nothing on the web, which is too bad; I would love to read more.

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