Kenya update 2/11/16

Greetings from the LSU/SHIP team in Kenya!

Today’s clinic was in Malandisia, a sub- community of Bulimbo. We set up shop in an unfinished building, really just a shell of brick, with a tin roof. It was a little rough, but quite airy and comfortable.


A thunderstorm blew up in the early afternoon, shutting down our patient supply. We knocked off early, after seeing 46 patients.

I noted a couple of things today, one of which was so Kenya, and the other that was just like home.

The building we worked in was begun as a community clinic, to be built by the local community and then staffed by the county government. I don’t know how long it has sat there unfinished, but the weeds were over waist high, and the dust on the floors was a good 2 inches thick. During the morning, local community officials showed up with a contractor to get estimates on finishing the building. They excitedly assured me that if I came back in two weeks, the building would be completed. We shall see.

As many of you know, I grew up in a rural community in North Louisiana, a mile down a red dirt road, where, as my Dad says, “you have to pipe in sunshine.” One of the things you notice living there, is that if the road grader comes through, it is guaranteed to rain the next day. And when it rains, the electrical power will go out (also guaranteed). Well, the dirt road into the Lubanga compound was graded yesterday. So, of course, it rained today, and the road was turned into a muddy mess. And when we got home, the power was out.

Tomorrow Leah, Brittney, Fran, Morgan Nelson, Naiha, and Dr. Amy Givler are leaving for home. Clinic will be at Kolongeki, and we will possibly get a tour of the District Hospital in Bungoma.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!


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