Kenya update 2/12/16

Hello from the LSU/SHIP team in Kenya!

We saw our 2-weeker teammates off for the Kisumu airport and eventually home this morning. The atmosphere is certainly much quieter around here; they will be missed. We will welcome Melissa and Daniel on Sunday.

Our 10th mobile clinic site today was on the grounds of the home of Mable Wallwaula; I can’t imagine a more beautiful site for an outdoor clinic. We saw about 50 patients before we had to leave for Bungoma District Hospital.


Our visit to the district hospital was enlightening for the volunteers. We were welcomed by the administrator, Mr. Robert Mose, Dr. Mayama, the chief medical officer, and the matron (director of nurses), Veronica Waynon. They could not have been more welcoming or helpful.

The limited facilities and technology must be seen to be believed by our American minds. The building is old and shabby, and quite crowded. There is no air conditioning, even in the operating theatre. Specialties are limited to general medicine, obstetrics, surgery, and pediatrics. Imaging is limited to x-ray and ultrasound, and laboratory to basic tests. When asked about performing Hemoglobin A1c’s (considered standard of care for managing diabetes at home), the laboratory director told us they hoped to be doing them soon.

There is no true casualty (emergency) department. Emergencies present to the outpatient department along with everyone else.


The pediatric ward was separate and down the street, where a new hospital is to be built soon. The ward was new, bright, and clean, and quite roomy. Technology is still limited, but the new building was a huge improvement. Hopefully we will get to see a new main hospital in the next year or two.


Another thunderstorm blew in this afternoon, baffling the Kenyans, who keep muttering about this being the dry season. There was thunder and lightning, hail, and strong gusts of wind. I was wondering if I should be looking for a funnel cloud (yes, tornadoes do occur in Africa).

And, of course, the electrical power went out.

We are looking forward to the weekend break. Dr. Don Givler will be visiting a mission hospital not too far away, and the girls are going to Kisumu to a craft market.

Please continue to pray for us as part of our team travels home, and the new and remaining team members continue mobile clinics next week.

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