Kenya update 2/22/16

Habari from the LSU/ SHIP team in Kenya!

Today’s mobile clinic was located at the church at Shiengela, further out than any previous clinic site. This church is literally built on a rock, with the ground sloping steeply away in all directions. A gnarled old bougainvillea stands near the front door.


In addition to the usual malaria and degenerative joint disease, we saw a lady who was a lifetime smoker with a cough, tachypnea and absent breath sounds on one side; we sent this lady to the hospital for an xray and treatment. One little girl had congenital microphthalmia, probably due to a congenital infection. Another lady had a very large, hard, mobile mass in her abdomen which had been there for several years. It didn’t seem to be attached to any organs, unless it was mesenteric in origin.

On the way home, we had an interesting encounter with the local police outside Butere. They stopped both vehicles, and insisted that we had been doing 59 kph in a 50 kph zone. The usual speed limit is 80 kph, and there are no speed limit signs (or any other road signs) on most Kenyan roads. Initially they demanded cash, and when refused, insisted that the drivers take the vehicles to the police station. After a lot of back and forth, we were allowed to continue our trip home.

Only three more clinic days left. Tomorrow’s clinic is at Siloba. We appreciate your prayers and support.

Usiku mwema!

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