Kenya update 2/24/16

Habari from the LSU/SHIP team in western Kenya!

Today’s mobile clinic site was at the church in Shibuli. It was, as Jackson, our driver, says, “a bit far.”

Every morning I ask Jackson how far it is to the day’s clinic site. Most Kenyans will reply with a time, not a distance, but Jackson will usually reply, “It’s not so far”, which generally translates to about 30 minutes. Sometimes his reply is “It’s not too far”, which turns out to be about an hour. This morning he told me, “It’s a bit far,” and about an hour and a half later, he told me with a grin, “I told you it was far.”

Our patient load today was rather light, which was something of a blessing–we are running low on medications, and were completely out of basics like paracetamol (acetaminophen or Tylenol at home), ibuprofen, and multivitamins. Jackson was sent on a quest for meds, and returned later with most of what we needed. A trip to our chemist in Bungoma filled out our needs for the last clinic tomorrow.

Perhaps more later. It is difficult to type while fighting off these malaria-laden mosquitoes!

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