Kenya update 2/8/16

Greetings from Western Kenya!

The SHIP/LSU team set up our mobile clinic at Lumboka church on our 6th work day. The morning was cool (60 degrees), breezy, and overcast. The sun came out in the afternoon, but the breeze kept us cool.

Our clinic was less busy numbers-wise, but made up for it in intensity. We saw several more children with malaria, one of which had a seizure while waiting for his meds. We sent him to the hospital with a presumptive diagnosis of cerebral malaria. We checked with the hospital later by phone, and he was stable, but he will need extensive medical care, and lots of prayers.

We also saw a couple of young women with goiters and presumptive hyperthyroidism, and some quite interesting dermatologic problems.

We are all continuing to have fun and learn a lot. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


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