New treatment for RSV coming soon?

The last post reminded me that I have not mentioned important news about treating respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). A study in The New England Journal of Medicine in August reports successful viral load reduction and decreased symptoms with an oral RSV-entry inhibitor, GS-5806. The study was done in adult volunteers who were inoculated with the virus, then given the antiviral agent.

RSV is primarily a problem in infants and young children. Babies with the virus develop profuse runny nose and wheezing; some go on to have severe respiratory distress with low oxygen levels, requiring hospitalization. Previously an inhaled agent called vidarabine was used for RSV, but the treatment was only used in infants on ventilators, and the side effects were almost as bad as the disease. Currently only bronchodilators (only marginally effective) and supportive care are available for kiddos with this bug.

As Instapundit says–faster, please.


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