Not a warp drive, but a big step forward

The headline of the article (“Nasa might have successfully tested a warp drive that could carry people at speeds approaching that of light”) is very misleading; this is not a warp drive, and 10% of the speed of light is very fast, but not “approaching light speed”. Besides, there are no dilithium crystals involved. The information is quite noteworthy, however:

Nasa may have successfully tested a form of space flight that could carry people to the moon in a few short hours — and eventually let us fly at speeds approaching that of light.

The agency has built an electromagnetic (EM) drive, using technology that shouldn’t be possible in current understanding of physics, according to users on forum Some of those discussing the plan claim to be Nasa engineers that are currently working on the plan — and have been verified as such, according to Cnet.

The device works by propelling objects through space by using magnets to create microwaves, which are then sent through a device to create thrust. If it works, it could overcome the need to carry fuel for propulsion — a huge problem that limits the speed and distance that those journeying in space can travel.

Make it so, Number One.


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