Open Letter to the American Board of Pediatrics

The reason I am no longer ABP certified has nothing to do with my education or skill. Indeed, I’ve easily passed my board examination twice. Like a compliant pediatrician, I enrolled in MOC in 2010, paid my $1000 and completed all my educational requirements. I participated and completed all my MOC requirements again in 2013 and 2015.

I have disrupted my office flow to ask patients to rate me on my hand washing and I’ve sent that data to the ABP. Twice. I have disrupted my office flow to ask patients to rate me on my ability to give them flu shots and I’ve sent that data to the ABP. I have dutifully completed your proprietary CME modules. I have submitted to and passed two secure examinations where I was treated as a near-criminal. Up until December 17 at 3:00, I did everything you asked.

But when I was threatened with loss of certification if I didn’t give another $1300, I finally had enough. The fact that the ABP can completely strip qualified and competent pediatricians of board certification for not paying more money is further evidence that MOC is all about the money.

It is past time to end Maintenance of Certification. The American Board of Pediatrics jumped the shark with MOC long ago, and the latest requirements are ridiculous (the same is true of the ABFP and several other specialties). It is all about the money, and the requirements are dreamed up by pediatricians who are exempt.

Read the whole thing, if you are interested.

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